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First semester student becomes Computer Science Club President and Student Senate Secretary

Lauren Michelle McGee
Kevin Ni, president of the Computer Science Club and secretary of the Associated Student Government, poses at the computer science lab in the Humanities Building on Thursday, Dec. 5, at City College in Santa Barbara Calif. During the semester, Ni can often be found in the lab working on projects and conversing with peers.

This time last year, freshman Kevin Ni never imagined himself being in leadership positions at City College.

After graduating high school in 2018, Ni became Computer Science Club President and Associated Student Government Secretary in his first semester at City College.

The week before school started Ni arrived at City College confident that he wanted to major in computer science. As he became more and more familiar with his classmates in his course Computer Science 140 he became particularly familiar with the Computer Science Lab, a place much of his time was spent.

This is where he met Josh Villanueva, Student Senate President who recruited Ni to the senate. “None of them are doing it for the resume, if we did we would be putting in way to much work,” Ni said.

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Ni said he dedicates a lot of his time to not only academics but also the campus community, spending up to ten hours a day on campus. Ni said he constantly found himself in the Computer Science Lab where he met a lot of friends and students who were very welcoming.

Jame Howard, student lab teaching assistant at the Computer Lab said he immediately saw Ni’s confidence and supported him in becoming president of the club. He said Ni is an open minded learner and is always willing to try again with new strategies.

“Kevin listens to feedback really well,” Howard said.

Howard said that Ni recognizes the importance of STEM students in leadership too, and has a strong connection with the community, specifically the Computer Science community.

Ni uses his leadership skills as Computer Science Club President in his role on the Student Senate, also.

His most memorable collaboration was in the beginning of the year when he went to the California General Assembly with the senate to represent City College at a statewide level.

Teaming up and getting to know his classmates has been what pushed Ni to step out his comfort zone.

After Ni had become club president, he started to develop a very strong leadership presence on campus. When Villanueva recognized the sense of hard work and willingness, he was ready to bring him on the senate as a team player.

Although hesitant, Ni was still willing to put in the work and time he needed to start the process for running for secretary.

Ni said he looks forward to staying in leadership positions as he goes into the rest of his time at City College.

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