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Isla Vista massacre gave me a new understanding, appreciation of life

Michael Narciso, Staff Writer

March 6, 2020

If I could describe my childhood in one word, it would be fear. I was raised in Isla Vista, a community that is heavily populated by college students.  I’m not here to lie, Isla Vista is a fun place for parties and exc...

Traveling to Africa showed me my passion for journalism, storytelling

Madeleine Sydkvist, Staff Writer

March 6, 2020

Since I was young, whenever someone asked me what I like to do, what my passions are, my answer has fluctuated between many different things but traveling has always been part of the list. Cliché, I know.  But travelin...

Assembly, Supervisor contests will have ‘super’ impact on City College

Jun Starkey, Editor-in-Chief

March 2, 2020

Super Tuesday is here and after tonight America will have a clear picture of who the Democratic presidential nominee could be. Fourteen states will go to the polls, including California.  Right here in Santa Barbara, we have ou...

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