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Education, persistence and clean record vital for justice careers

JACKIE COBOS, Channels Staff

April 14, 2017

People may doubt how getting a college degree might be important when joining law enforcement, but professionals in the justice system believe that education is a step in the right direction. Students and staff gathered April...

SBCC survey sparks discussion about adjunct faculty treatment


April 11, 2016

The Academic Senate is looking for ways to better support City College’s adjunct faculty after seeing the results of a survey done in fall of 2015. The survey was overseen by Sen. Louise MacKenzie, adjunct faculty representative, with the goal of understanding the unique ...

Journalists don’t receive the hard-earned credit they deserve

MEGAN TONTI, Associate editor

February 26, 2016

We all have something that we would die for. Maybe it’s our children, spouse or our own country; for some, it’s journalism. When we think of a career in journalism, the word “dangerous” doesn’t often accompany it....

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