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Review – Art gallery shows “The View from Here”

Zac Estrada

August 30, 2009

At the opening of the Atkinson Gallery's first exhibit of the semester, everyone was talking about the view. "The View from Here" exhibit celebrates the special scenery observed from the second floor of the Humanities b...

Conception to creation

Torgny Lilja

June 5, 2009

After four years spent perfecting his craft, 22-year-old art major Eric Vrymoed is leaving City College to continue his education in art, focusing on sculpture and art history. Vrymoed, who has been chosen as an Outstanding...

Sneakers to Slippers

Christianne Rojo

June 5, 2009

From the basketball court to the stage, City College dance star Julian Young will leap his way from Santa Barbara to Seattle next year. A dance major originally from Davis, Calif., Young will attend Cornish College of the Arts for Fall 2009. Y...

Passion to profession

Eryn Burkhart

May 11, 2009

After two years at City College, drummer Brian Doca is off to Los Angeles, where he plans to take his talent to the next level by becoming a full time professional musician. "I feel like I'm ready to move on," he said. "To...

Column – Investigating male mating habits in nightclubs

Michelle J. Wong

April 30, 2009

I don't know what to make of this anomaly, but something happens to people when they enter a dance club. Their conversations become arbitrary, and make sense only in their drunken, high-decibel microcosm, where they bust seizure-like...

Award-winning poet Giocanda Belli to speak on campus

Torgny Lilja

April 29, 2009

Award winning poet, journalist, novelist and former guerilla fighter Giocanda Belli will give a free writing lecture on Tuesday, May 5 at City College's Fe Bland Forum. The School of Modern Languages, the local chapter of the...

Brief – Faculty lecturer to speak about nursing Thursday

Terra Inglis

April 28, 2009

This year's recipient of the faculty lecturer award is nursing instructor Karolyn Hanna. Her presentation, entitled 'Legacy of Our Past and Challenges of the Future," will take place at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow in the Sports Pavilion. Hanna...

Column – Music television is no longer about the music

Rhys Alvarado

April 28, 2009

I came home the other day, put down my backpack and flipped on the tube for my daily dose of Ray J, when I realized that something was missing. What ever happened to the music videos? I've noticed that VH1 and MTV are loaded ...

CD Review- The Morning Benders “Grain of Salt”

Amanda Jacobs

April 28, 2009

Now touring with The Submarines, selling out shows all over the country, Bay Area indie band The Morning Benders released its five-song EP "Grain of Salt" on Feb. 24. Their first album, "Talking Through Tin Cans," was recognized...

CD Review- Grouch and Eligh “Say G & E”

Rhys Alvarado

April 28, 2009

Known for their days in the Los Angeles-based hip-hop group Living Legends, rappers Grouch and Eligh are showing the new breed that seasoned veterans are still running the show. Released April 21, their new album dubbed "Say...

CD Review- Pepper “Kona Gold”

Joey Large

April 28, 2009

Pepper's new live album, "Kona Gold," does not satisfy the usual mellow quality that fans have come to expect. While the album gives evidence of a rockin' concert, the heavy, crowd-infused renditions are a stretch from the...

Spring Concert Preview

Eryn Burkhart

April 27, 2009

Midterms are over and finals are fast approaching. For the music department, the year's end means the time to showcase a semester of work. May is scheduled to be full of culminating concerts by each of the department's performing...

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