Modern and contemporary dance combine for ‘Collective’


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ANNA LOGAN, Channels Staff

City College Dance will present its spring concert, Collective, where students and local dance companies will showcase a variety of original pieces at 7:30 p.m. Friday, April 18, at Center Stage Theater.

Artistic Director Tracy R. Kofford said this concert is about bringing the Santa Barbara dance community together and restoring City College’s dance program.

“I think somewhere along the line City College was forgotten,” said Kofford. “So I’m trying to rebuild that we do have a program here and we’re thriving and strong,”

Collective’s variety includes hip-hop, jazz and contemporary pieces that have been choreographed by professionals as well as students.

Performances by UCSB, Fusion Dance Company, and other professional works will fall between City College pieces.

One of these students is Taylor Pettis, who said choreographing her own piece was a piece of work in itself.

“It’s my first project doing something all on my own,” Pettis said. “I’ve choreographed cheerleading dances in high school with friends, but this was all me.”

Pettis said she is excited to showcase her creative abilities.

“It’s a really good opportunity to let your friends and family see what you’ve been working on,” Pettis said.

Kofford thinks it’s a good opportunity and that it gives students a chance to perform on stage.

Carisa Carroll, a student dancer, said she’s looking forward to having the chance to be on stage.

“There’s just so much excitement, putting on costumes, and dancing under the lights,” Carroll said.

Carroll will be dancing in Kofford’s and Brooke Melton’s pieces. She feels honored to be working with such great composers.

“Getting to work with Tracy and Brooke has been amazing and has made me such a better dancer,” Carroll said.  “Santa Barbara is lucky to have such talent.”

Carroll said students should come to the concert to erase all negative stigmas that are associated with dance concerts.

“When people think [dance concert] they usually assume it is ballet which bores people,” Carroll said. “But modern and contemporary dance is very visually appealing and exciting to watch.”

Part of the concert’s visual appeal is due to the dancer’s vibrant costumes. The dancers raised money for the elaborate suits by selling See’s Candy.

“Everyone’s money that was raised goes into one pot, and then it will discount all of our costumes,” said Pettis.

“I sold almost 300 dollars worth of candy,” she continued.

Kofford has yet to tally the candy sales, but thinks the dancers made for good chocolatiers.

Carroll said this concert would only add to the growth of the dance department.

“I’m very excited for the vision [Kofford] has for the SBCC dance program,” Carroll said.

Tickets are $28 dollars and all seating is general admission. To buy your tickets and see more show times, go to