Review: Music Now! concert

From vibrant dancing and performing to original works and classic covers, Music 120 students kicked off Fall semester’s Music Now! concert shining light onto almost every genre of music.

Friends and family filled the Garvin Theatre Friday, Nov. 15, in support of many students performing in the event for their first time.

Dominic Camardella directed his students as they astounded the audience with nearly 20 different performances.

Ranging from rock, reggae, and hip-hop to classical, jazz, and Americana the show offered a genre for every musical taste.

The show began by Camardella introducing the house rhythm band who played in nearly every performance.

Professional studio guitarist Ray Panell featured as the house lead guitar. Panell knew how to engage the audience and performers with his powerful guitar riffs and exciting stage presence. At one point during Osiris Olsen’s energetic punk performance, Panell and Olsen began to jam together and Panell began playing with his teeth.

The house piano player, Jack Kessel, helped out throughout the concert. Near the beginning of the show, Kessel performed one of his own works, an instrumental version of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, incorporating heavy jazz influences.

Luis Soto, house bass,  played with Edwin Vega and Joseph Carillo switching off on drums.

A main highlight for the event was Carmalisa Reichhart who blew the audience away with her electric violin and dance performance.

Electronic dance music played as Reichhart vividly danced around stage playing the violin, creating one of the most intense performances of the night.

Joveth Jorquia sang in multiple pieces capturing the audience with his powerful vocals and strong stage presence. He sang his original “Only One,” and also covered multiple songs. Jorquia even composed a few pieces himself.

Many students performed original works signifying strong musical talent. Arlanne Burquez, Gradon Lee, Ben Collinson, Tyer Wu, Jessica Kerby, Mnisha Burns-Sanchez, Shaun Gutierrez  are all students who performed original works.

Every student deserves recognition as they had the audience chanting for an encore by the end.

Daun Jeon wrapped off the show with a cover of the classic Paul Simon song “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.”

By the end of the show all the performers were dancing on stage. A proud Camardella concluded the show to which one of the students took the microphone and thanked Camardella.

Camardella led his students towards another successful Music Now! concert. Students from the Music 120 Music and Sound Recording class were able to have fun performing and also learn valuable skills in a professional arena.