Cristian Walk — student presidential candidate

JULIA PIZZA, News Editor

Cristian Walk, commissioner of academics for the student government, is running for student president in the upcoming election.

The first year political science and history major from Ventura, California, thinks he is the most ideal candidate for president.

Cristian Walk, running for student senate president.
Michaela Wahlstroem
Cristian Walk, running for student senate president.

“I believe that I have the experience and the knowledge to run ASG in a positive direction and support the most students and institutions on this campus,” Walk said.

One of Walk’s goals is to support as many campus clubs as possible. He hopes that the fee changes are passed in the upcoming election so that he will have the ability to increase the budget for club charters. He also hopes that Amendment C gets passed so that campus clubs will become a branch of the student government.

“Clubs and organizations are the true interest groups of SBCC,” he said. “They have the students that are most engaged on campus, that are willing to support others in their efforts on campus.”

Walk expressed his support of David Panbehchi’s candidate pledge to create a student coalition to draw in a larger student voice.

“I really appreciate what he’s saying,” Walk said. “Bringing all these groups of marginalized people together to come up with common goals and ways to support each other is something I would really work to support.”

Because it is one of the most proactive student government committees, Walk also hopes to continue support of the Sustainability Committee’s efforts that Jackson Hayes has set forth this semester.

“I am going to continue to propose projects that are sustainable, that are going to get people thinking about sustainable issues,” he said.

Walk addresses the idea of continuing the outreach of committees throughout the year. Starting this semester, the student government created 11 committees to expand the governing process into specific focus groups.

“The best part of this committee system is that we encourage members of the public to sit on them to bring more people into the conversation,” Walk said. “Sometimes we get too bubbled up in here, so giving people the opportunity to come and discuss, is one of the best things we can possibly do.”