CDReview – Mando Diao ‘Ode to Ochrasy’

Seastian Noren

Mando Diao’s third full-length album “Ode to Ochrasy” is Swedish pop/rock at its best. The quintet from Borlange, Sweden delivers a tight 1960s sound, and singers Gustaf Noren and Bjorn Dixgard show strong vocal skills, especially on the track “Welcome Home, Luc Robitaille.” The band has listed The Beatles as one of their inspirations, and if you take The Beatles and mix them with some Swedish aesthetic attitude, you’ll end up with Mando Diao. The soft song “Josephine” is a great break in this high-tempo record and gives the listener a new side of the band. Mando Diao is trying hard to transfer the success they have had in Scandinavia to the other side of the Atlantic sea, and this record could be their breakthrough. So if you are looking for a great addition to your CD collection, this is the record to get.