CDReview – Hilary Duff ‘Dignity’

Kyle Calbreath

Hilary Duff’s new album, “Dignity,” may not put her on par with other divas, but her talents are proven prominent. Gone are the fluttery ballads of her teeny-bopper past, and out pops an album full of up-tempo tunes, produced and written by Duff herself. Having some self-respected revenge has never been easier than listening to songs like “Play with Fire.” Duff sets them straight with lines like “‘Cause I remember all the reasons people want me” and “It was insecurity that made you run/It wasn’t me.” Most of the songs are a burn to a certain, back-stabbing someone. While many young starlets these days have wandered off without their fan base, Duff has chosen to grow along with hers and this album is a testament to that. So while some may give her dirty looks from the dance floor, Duff holds her head high and leaves with a little dignity.