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In the black community, mental illness is seen as a cultural taboo

Sierra Shelton, Opinion Editor

November 8, 2019

“You need to go to church...Have you ever considered that it’s all just made up in your head?” Those were a couple of the things I was told by my parents when I confided to them about my struggles with mental health.  I don’t blame my parents f...

Americans need to be more aware of eating disorders

Alyssa Durant, Editor in Chief

May 5, 2017

Everyone talks about the starving citizens in third-world countries like Africa, but it’s not so common to hear about the hungry people in the United States. Americans of all genders and ages—who don’t struggle with poverty—go...

Those affected by mental illness deserve to have stigma erased

Hannah Mackenzie, Channels Staff

September 25, 2015

The United States as a society tends to treat physical and mental illnesses very differently, even though they are both just as real and just as serious. Many people are skeptical of psychological impairments and sometimes...

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