With Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, women must stand as one

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Christy Tomerlin, Associate Editor

Christy Tomerlin
John Thomas Rose
Christy Tomerlin

Brett Kavanaugh was recently appointed as a Supreme Court Justice, planting fear in many women’s hearts.

His appointment was not without controversy, as Christine Blasey Ford alleged she had been sexually assaulted by him. Kavanaugh responded to her allegation in the Senate Judiciary hearing with an angry and aggressive opening statement, reminiscent of a tantrum. He was trying to defend himself from her allegation while putting Democrats on blast for “ruining” his Supreme Court Justice appointment. It was a clear ploy to “play the victim,” as though he was the one bearing the pain in this hearing, attempting to pull sympathy from the other conservatives around the nation.

Clearly, someone with that little self control and that much child-like behavior should never have been appointed to the highest court in the nation for life.

With the generally entitled and unthreatened realm of the “boys’ club” being exposed, men are feeling more vulnerable and afraid. They want someone like Kavanaugh on the court, who would dismiss others like him and minimize the consequences of their actions.

During Kavanaugh’s testimony, he said “If the mere allegation, the mere assertion of an allegation, a refuted allegation from 36 years ago is enough to destroy a person’s life and career, we will have abandoned the basic principles of fairness and due process that define our legal system and our country.”

This would make sense if the accusation was that he did something like shoplifting when he was young and stupid, but to be accused of sexual assault is a different story. A person who has been accused of sexual assault should not be given the opportunity of a lifetime appointment to the highest court of the land, or even a job at McDonald’s for that matter, unless it is fully investigated.

Some say accusations ruin a man’s life. But I can rattle off names of people who have been accused and still got appointed, elected, and nominated into a position of power, including Kavanaugh and even our president, Donald Trump. It doesn’t seem right that someone who may have sexually assaulted a woman can serve as a Supreme Court Justice and judge others for their wrongdoings when he himself might have gotten away with it.

I will not undermine the fact that false accusations do happen and it can ruin someone’s life. But time and time again it has been shown otherwise. Less than 10 percent of sexual assault accusations made by women have been shown to be false.

The MeToo movement is an amazing movement helping women all around the world survive in this political warzone, helping us build ties that bind us instead of divide us. We need to come together and defend the constitution and not always be wondering who has our back. The Founding Fathers were all about justice for all, but where is the justice for Ford? Where is the justice for all the women who were sexually harassed?

Women need to stand up and fight for ourselves now, because we are the only people constantly willing to be there for the victims instead of being the problem. We need to fight and make sure people like Kavanaugh are not ever appointed into a position of power. We need to stand as one.