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Student Trustee unsatisfied with Channels reporting methods

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Good morning Channels Board!

There are a few concerns I have with the article “Associated Student Government appoint eight new commissioners” by Michael Juliano. The main one comes back to the conversation I had with Patricia, in regards to comments made by Michael surrounding the “Colloquium Controversy.” The Channels is a great medium to share information with students; turning it into TMZ with bias, which seemed to be the suggestion, is a disservice to our students. In this article, the bias is subtle at first. There were no “protests” at the meeting; there was public comment. We (unanimously) opened it up to the public so we could hear their input. Further, it is false to say that every single person was for the appointment; there were two other individuals who were on the fence; Andres and Michelle. After much consideration, there were two officers who voted no. The Channels did not catch up with either of us to ask for our input; instead, Matt (who has been quoted very often when it comes to these “controversies”) got the final say not only at the meeting, but afterwards as well.

It would have been great for our students to hear the perspective of the individuals who voted no. Instead, we have an “ego” comment that seemed to take higher priority. In my view, the school newspaper should serve as a medium of information exchange, quoting all people. It should not be a controversy machine, with bias in the voice of the writer.

Thank you,

David Panbehchi

Student Trustee, Associated Student Government

[email protected]

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4 Responses to “Student Trustee unsatisfied with Channels reporting methods”

  1. Darien on September 27th, 2017 4:24 pm

    I personally enjoy reading Michaels material. I’m not sure why you’d make a complaint over something so small. Anyways to each their own, I hope Mike continues to write his great content.


    David Panbehchi Reply:

    The framing of an article and story is very important. It’s actually fundamental to how information is received.

    There was no protest at the meeting. There was no chaos. There was a discussion, which got contentious. To turn everything into a controversy is good for People Magazine, but I urge Michael to move away from that mentality. Students do not need controversy to view his material. We do not need to create divisions and false conflicts for students to read the Channels.

    The biggest issue with the previous article was *there was not one quote from the dissenters*. How can one member of the Board be quoted (a very unproductive quote which he regrets in the comment section), without asking Josh or myself about the reasoning behind our votes? On a fundamental level, how can we have endless discussion on discussion/decision conflict between students, but not *once* mention the cuts made in the schools budget to tutor wages, readers, and the exclusion of students in that process?


  2. 涂芬妮 on September 29th, 2017 7:12 pm

    I agree with David. The Channels needs to be impartial unless it’s an opinion piece.


  3. Sam on October 3rd, 2017 10:09 pm

    Why do we even have a student trustee in the first place?


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Student Trustee unsatisfied with Channels reporting methods