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Future journalist defends media against ‘fake news’ accusations

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I’ve questioned what I wanted to do with my life for years, but one thing I’ve never questioned is my intentions. Every action I take is with a sincere, positive purpose.

A year and three months ago, courage took over my heart and I decided to help the world even if the world doesn’t trust me.

I declared journalism as my major.

An enormous amount of corruption would erupt around the world without journalists informing the public. Media is essential for a functional democracy; call me your aspiring hero.

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As a student approaching a career in this field, my goal is to prevent such fascism by being a watchdog for society who reports truths as a protection of peace.

Recently, President Trump deleted a tweet that disregarded the importance of the First Amendment, calling people in my field of study the “enemy of the American people.” His chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, told us to keep our mouths shut.

As an American citizen, this baffles me to a point beyond words. I applaud CNN anchor Jake Tapper for having the guts to reply “no” to Bannon.

As a part of the future generation of journalists, I say it’s about time the media sticks up for itself and our First Amendment rights.

Trump has blended reputable journalists with clickbait gossipers as one collective contributor to alleged “fake news.”

He continues to throw tantrum after tantrum by publicly discrediting factual news because he doesn’t like the way he is perceived through his actions.

This leads me to believe he has something to hide.

He claims he’s in this endless war with the media, when really he’s at war with reality. Journalists and future journalists know it; we aren’t stupid. In fact, we are some of the most informed people around.

As much as us journalists would love to take our eyes off this president of ours, we won’t. Anyone who interferes will end up having to amputate our fingers off our keyboards.

I speak for the next generation of journalists when I say journalism isn’t just a writing talent anymore; it’s a passion. Journalism is a voice for the well-being of the public.

Unfortunately, the public’s credibility in people like me is affected every time Trump blurts out the words “fake news.”

While I cannot force society to trust me, I can have faith in my society.

Although, I was not always so hopeful. This past election brought out fear in many people including myself.

I expressed my concern about how society will view me as a journalist to my media teacher. She told me I should stop caring about what other people think of me because I know who I am.

I’m an honest journalist who reports the truth. At the same time, I’m a human being. I contain my own perspective and emotions that lead to opinions. That is why columns like this exist in published media.

Trump needs to get his facts straight and stop calling opinions fake news, because frankly opinions aren’t news. It’s a view formed from fact-based news. There is a difference.

Whether or not he gets back to focusing on his “big league” presidency rather than belittling reputable journalists, I will continue my studies and prove to the world how great journalists really are.

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