Black Friday is ruining the values of Thanksgiving

David C. Ridings, Channels Staff

Employees working during the Black Friday frenzy hours feel trapped as it slowly becomes all about survival. Anyone with a curious nature would wonder, is this the end of our great nation? Ridings_david

People, who were once others loved ones, temporarily become bloodthirsty monsters looking only to consume all that’s inside—at 75% off.

As the doors collapse under time and the weight of the altered beasts, bloodshed begins to ensue as these savages degrade to primitive scoundrels that will trample one another in the pursuit of products.

Their sense of ethics and integrity are the first to go the moment people are infected by the Black Friday sickness. The opening doors trigger the final stage of the sickness; complete chaos as if a number of hungry and rabid alpha wolves were suddenly released in a butcher shop.

What will happen to the constitution of the future American individual?

Beasts can be trained even when they are opposed to being tamed.

People are sold a problem in their lives and it must be solved with whatever product will provide the illusion of feeling content.

Americans are conditioned to desire products, which are casualties of planned obsolescence, so consumers will be back next year.

What is it that we intrinsically give “thanks” for during Thanksgiving?

America tends to shows its thanks by making it acceptable to over indulge in more ways than one.

The idea behind eating all of that food is far too familiar to a threat on your gut much like the later rounds of a boxing match.

As you stand, your legs go weak. Nothing sounds more refreshing than a cold beer or glass of wine to wash the lingering mashed taters down the pipe as if it’s coagulated blood that stands for some sort of sick trophy in order to remind you of the recent battle between man and food.

Some stumble like an alcoholic to a comfortable couch. As they sit there in a state of exhaustion, they ponder the finer things in life—such as the score of the game was or their upcoming fight at Walmart.

The principals behind the actions on Black Friday explain more than words could ever cover-up.

If you saw a person, face down in the street, would you see if they were all right? I’d hope so, even though people constantly prove me wrong—and more so than ever on this infamous Friday morning that ironically follows Thanksgiving.

The American public seems so concerned about what children consume. There isn’t an excuse for a parent to ignore the terrible example they are setting for their kids if they participate in Black Friday’s ritual door opening stampede.

Nobody wants an ungrateful crying brat on Christmas morning, but parents are going about solving the issue all the wrong way. Becoming an ungrateful crying brat on Black Friday solves nothing.

To the parents who can’t say “no” to their child, try the “get-a-job” technique. You may even try saying this to yourself if it applies. There’s no greater present than a humbling life lesson.

Are we so morally misconstrued that we want our kids to accept Black Friday yet hide other issues, such as same-sex marriage?

Some of these concerned parents even take their little rug-rats to the store to frenzy over the chum of discounted commodities. There are more hands to hold things.

Which values does this teach?

These people could just work for a few extra days and make the money so they don’t have to use vacation days in order to urban camp in hopes of saving a day’s worth of pay in a single purchase.

If you are one of these addicts, I suggest setting money aside each month for these purchases and if you must—keep your dignity.

Black Friday is a perfect model of the tainted American spirit.

We just need as many selfless rays if light to shine through this thick fog of selfishness throughout our days as we can. Once people let enough light in, the storm will be over.