Column: Come now boys and girls, can’t we just get along

Erick Pirayesh, Staff Writer

Erick Pirayesh
Erick Pirayesh

Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider. Girls go to Mars to get more candy bars….

Ba dum dum chhh.

That one was a playground classic. But please, please, don’t be so quick to criticize the intergalactic education system. This gender feud only gets better, sort of.

We’re all pretty much familiar with the Women’s Rights Movement, are we not? Rightfully so, it has been prevalent in American society since the mid-1800s.

Female equality has come a long way and has even further to go. Women are pitching a stake in society like never before and they deserve to.

I’m willing to bet though, that not many of you have heard of the Men’s Rights Movement.

Men’s rights, you say! What a preposterous concept!

Well, not to some.

Warren Farrell, author of The Myth of Male Power, is spearheading the Men’s Rights Movement. Farrell, along with fellow men’s rights enthusiasts, is working to discredit the concept of male privilege.

Farrell argues against the theory of patriarchy, that men don’t have all the power and are the “disposable” sex. He attacks statistics about the differences in gender income and brings attention to female to male domestic violence.

So fellas, what do we do? Do we blast ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It,’ by Twisted Sister and march on Washington? We must have our rights, right?

Well, maybe we shouldn’t jump to such bold conclusions, as awesome as that song is.

Last November, Farrell gave a speech at the University of Toronto that was heavily protested by feminists. Eventually, it escalated to nothing but a bunch of angry guys and girls spewing hate at each other.

Welcome to relationships!

Farrell also says that the Female Rights Movement, while being beneficial for woman, has misrepresented gender statistics while demonizing men.

Suffice to say, feminists don’t appreciate him too much. They use words like “misogynist” and “pig.”

But do they have a point?


Every group has their bad eggs; no doubt there are pathetic insecure men that do belittle woman and have joined the cause for all the wrong reasons. Misogynists validate feminism.

The attitude they pperpetuate must be snuffed out.

Child custody and divorce rights, domestic violence against men, single dad adoption rights and rape education for boys are just some of the serious issues that need to be taught. With that said, there are men who fight for more noble causes.

It’s just as important that we don’t forget all the worldwide oppression and violence that, sadly, millions of women still face today.

Seriously though, why can’t we all just get along? In a perfect world, the radical crazy zealots on both sides would just calm down and everyone else could focus on this one teensy tiny common denominator:

We are all humans, and we are much more progressive when we work together. Fighting hate with hate will get us nowhere.

Perhaps we can all just reconcile and meet up on Uranus.