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Column: Media cover-up, fishy sources in abnormal incidents after oil spill

All over the eastern and southern United States, puzzled scientists are wondering why thousands of blackbirds simultaneously fell dead from the sky, or why hundreds of millions of dead fish clog entire rivers. The media has assured the public that legitimate scientists have made it clear with absolute certainty that what may seem like an unusual wave of massive animal deaths, is actually very normal.

At least that is how the story looks in the news.

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The reality is there is nothing normal about spontaneous and massive animal deaths. They are dying in droves from Louisiana and Florida all the way north to Boston. The most obvious suspect is the sinister use of Corexit 9500, the oil dispersant BP used this summer at Deepwater Horizon.

Think back to the summer. Before BP started using Corexit, Russia’s Ministry of Defense told President Medvedev in an urgent message that the use of Corexit in the gulf would kill the entire east coast. Russia’s warning was ignored and everyone watched as BP disobeyed Environmental Protection Agency orders to not use Corexit and proceeded to saturate the gulf with the chemical.

As summer ended the world was informed that BP and the EPA had finished the cleanup and everything is back to normal. Shortly after the announcement of victory, the animal die-offs started with hundreds of millions of dead drum fish floating on the surface of a Gulf river.

Then so-called scientists were used as sources for the news with a weak claim that the deaths were natural. Then followed another mass death off of fish, and another news story claiming nothing unordinary.

This scenario repeated itself again and again with no solid data to help understand why these animals were dying. Finally a window opened on Jan. 5 when Google Maps released a map detailing mass animal die-offs worldwide.

One look at the U.S. on the map and it’s clear that almost all of the bird deaths are occurring in Louisiana and closely surrounding states with less deaths the farther the distance from the gulf. The fish deaths are along the coast following the same currents the oil did this summer. Apparently mass animals deaths are only normal close to, and around Louisiana.

The deaths are regularly assumed to be the result of a colder than normal fall and winter by random people quoted in the dozens of news reports. This theory has little to no merit, but it seems to be the best answer that’s repeated without support.

Theories have suggested the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, a government radio experiment could be to blame, and even UFOs are mentioned in the news.

Yet not one mainstream news report has mentioned Corexit as a possible cause. However, recent lab experiments published by Worcester Polytechnic Scientists on YouTube show how Corexit is more harmful than normal oil for the environment.

At the moment there is no way to be sure if Corexit is responsible, but it’s absurd to assume it’s normal for entire populations of black birds to fall out of the sky in numerous states simultaneously. Hopefully for the sake of our entire planet the mass deaths are simply a coincidence, but I guess we’ll have to figure it out without the help of the media’s distractions. 

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