Radiology department having trouble filling instructor position

In the Radiology Lab at SBCC Santa Barbara Calif., students look at X-rays behind the scene

In the Radiology Lab at SBCC Santa Barbara Calif., students look at X-rays behind the scene

Melissa Tovar, Channels Staff

City College is having problems finding teachers to fill the instructor position in the radiologic images and sciences department.

Radiologists working in the field typically have a higher income than a teaching position would.

The annual income of a radiologist working in the field is about $80,000 to 100,000. At City College, radiology teacher salaries range from $50,000 to $90,000.

Danielle Terveen, instructor in the radiographic and imaging sciences department, has been teaching at City College for two years.

“When I got this job, it had been a while since they had been looking,” she said. “It expanded to a national search. I came from Minnesota for this job.”

Radiographers take diagnostic X-rays for physician evaluation. The program at City College prepares students for licensure as a radiographer. Graduates work in hospitals, imaging centers, and clinics.

“The program has been gaining popularity. A lot of people think that health care is a secure job because it’s always going to be around,” Terveen said.

She thinks that people may not want to take a teaching position because it is a full time job even in the summer and winter months, when not working as much means the pay decreases.

“Some people have to supplement a teaching position with a per diem, working in a hospital or clinic,” she said.

There have been many applicants for the open positions in the department but City College has not been willing to hire them.

“Last year when we were looking, we did have people apply but we just chose that they weren’t the strongest candidates,” Terveen said. “We want to make sure it’s a good fit and not just hire for the purpose of hiring.”

There are many other variables that contribute to why some people may not want to take a teaching position at City College.

“This job is not 8-5,” said Bruce Oda, full time professor and chair of the program. “We are constantly thinking and even on our time off and away from the college, we’re working. I think that’s a big part of it. We cannot leave our work at work.”

When recruiting and selecting candidates, City College pays a lot of attention to characteristics, and the person’s drive and motivation.

“A lot goes into the process and I think it reflects why this college is so successful. We are definitely student driven with regards to student success,” Oda said.

City College will continue to look for people to fill the teaching positions offered in the radiology department.

“The individual that we’re seeking not only has to have a passion for teaching but for collaboration. We are a team,” he said. “As the acting director, I want my staff to walk beside me not behind me.”