Review: Perrier water’s delectable ‘Dita’ campaign

Mariana Santamaria and Mariana Santamaria

Perrier, a French brand of mineral water, has a simulation website,, that is uncommon for most bottled-water websites – it’s an erotic game.

The Perrier website was created as an ad for this year’s Perrier advertisement campaign, showcasing the American burlesque actress Dita Von Teese, “The Queen of Burlesque,” as a sexually stimulating character.

Once entering the site, the interaction starts at the gateway to a lofty mansion. First, you have to enter your birth date in the intercom. The gate opens, and then the sexy Von Teese greets you at the door where the real action beings.

The site lets you make your own decisions, such as choosing between two doors, in order to find the actress. One of them is where you will be able to take photos of different alluring poses of Von Teese.

The opposite door leads you to a living room, where you throw dice that have naughty suggestions. With a roll of the dice, you can watch Von Teese undress herself, rub her leg, or even squeeze her breasts.

The roll-playing site seems as if it is targeted for men only, forgetting that women drink water as well.

Just in case you feel curious you should browse this website. Drinking Perrier water will never be the same again.