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ASG President Libby Wilmer reaches purpose and community in her office

Sofia Stavins
Libby Wilmer, the Associated Student Government president, standing outside of the student senate room on Sept. 7 at City College in Santa Barbara, Calif. ASG meets in this room every friday morning at 9 a.m.

Libby Wilmer, the new president of The Associated Student Government at City College, has big plans in mind for the 2023–2024 school year. 

“I just found a really cool environment of people who are coming from all over the world and all over the country to SBCC and they are just trying to make the most of their college experience,” Wilmer said. “I just thought that was awesome.”

Wilmer is originally from Broomfield, Colorado, where she graduated from Legacy High School. During her time spent in high school, she gained background in student government as the vice president of her school. 

Soon after she moved to Santa Barbara, California, and enrolled at City College. Now, she is in her second year. During the fall 2022 Club Day, she came across the ASG stand and it caught her interest. She would later join the organization and become their vice president of internal affairs. 

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Wilmer’s attention was drawn to ASG specifically because she wanted to meet more people and get more involved on the campus. She also knew that she always wanted to work in the business world. Wilmer’s current plan is to graduate with her associate’s degree in mathematics and transfer to a four-year university to earn a bachelor’s degree in statistics and data science. According to the president, the most important skill she gained from her time spent in ASG was learning how to better work and talk with people. 

The president has a list of goals she hopes to achieve during her time spent in the role. Wilmer wants to make people feel seen and important on campus, and live up to the mission statement on the club’s website. 

On the ASG website, the mission states that “as the collective voice of students on campus, our goal is to represent students’ needs and concerns and bridge the gap between the faculty administration and the student population.”

In addition, she would also like to generate more interest in student life by holding an increased amount of on campus events, including a blood drive that is taking place on Oct. 4. The school is partnering with the company Vitalant, as they have worked together in the past, in order to contribute to the national blood shortage that took place after COVID-19. 

Wilmer also wants to extend the cafeteria hours as she believes that the current hours do not support a City College student’s schedule. 

Right now, ASG is hoping to get applications out to fill empty positions. Positions on the executive board were successfully filled during spring, but commissioners are still open. The deadline is Sept. 20 and there is a google form in their instagram bio anyone can fill out. 

“It’s really easy to feel lonely in college, especially moving to a new place and trying to figure out who you are while being young,” Wilmer said. “Just know that if you put the effort in you’ll find other people like you and I feel like SBCC is a really unique place to do that.” 

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