Editors’ Choice: Best Podcasts


Kai Zheng

Editorial Cartoon

Serena Guentz, Features Editor

Podcasts have created the perfect avenue to discuss almost anything one can think of in a different form of storytelling. Many people listen to podcasts on long road trips or during their commute to school or work. 

With the coronavirus pandemic prompting stay-at-home orders around the world, podcasts can be a great form of entertainment while spending your days inside. Since there are so many different kinds of podcasts, from news and true crime podcasts to podcasts diving deep into niche interests or pop culture, The Channels editors have compiled a list of some of their favorite podcasts.


Jun Starkey, Editor in Chief

One of my longtime favorite podcasts is “Ologies” hosted by Alie Ward, a science correspondent for CBS. The show is categorized as a “comedic science” program, and involves Ward exploring different fields of study through interviews with experts. She analyzes a wide variety of studies, spanning from the brain and the human body, to animals and mechanics.

There is something very satisfying to me in learning about a very niche field of study that only few people in the world are experts in. My favorite episode is about Bufology, or the study of Toads. It’s an almost hour long episode of Ward talking to Bufologist Priya Nanjappa about everything there is to know about toads and frogs. Another favorite is Cucurbitology, the study of pumpkins. Pumpkins are classified as berries. Thank you, “Ologies.”

Nate Stephenson, Photo Editor

I don’t listen to many podcasts, but “Ear Hustle” is an exception. It’s an intimate look into the lives of prisoners serving time in the San Quentin State Prison hosted by journalist Nigel Poor and San Quentin inmate Earlonne Woods, who is serving a life sentence. The show strays from the media popular stories of injustice or wrongful convictions but focuses more on tales of everyday life for prisoners. The podcast humanizes the inmates and offers a new narrative towards prison that can be especially helpful for our society in quarantine. While we struggle with being locked in our homes for the foreseeable future we may begin to empathize with those locked in jail cells inevitably.  


Lucy Marx, News Editor

Lucy Marx
Lucy Marx

My favorite podcast of all time is a comedy podcast called “My Brother, My Brother, and Me.” It’s hosted by three brothers — Griffin, Justin and Travis McElroy, and it follows an advice show format where they read questions from Yahoo Answers and come up with responses. I’ve never been very into podcasts because I really appreciate visual art and entertainment, but I actually found this show through animations on Youtube. 

Fans of the podcast will animate the funniest parts of the show with exaggerated characters of the hosts, and this supplement of visual media was enough to get me hooked. It’s is a silly and fun podcast, and it helps me relax and laugh even when I’m feeling stressed. 

Ryan P. Cruz, News Editor

“Dissect” has become my go-to podcast ever since I discovered it last summer. Hosted by Cole Cuchna, each season takes a deep dive into one album and dissects the production, lyrics, meaning and musical composition. I was hooked when I heard season 3, which breaks down Frank Ocean’s “Blonde” track by track. I have always been interested in the stories behind the music and what goes into creating an album, and this podcast is a gold mine for music fans who want to understand the artists’ mindset when creating their music. The current season directs its focus on Kendrick Lamar’s Pulitzer Prize winning album “DAMN,” and past seasons include Lamar’s previous album “To Pimp a Butterfly,” Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” Tyler the Creator’s “Flower Boy,” and Lauryn Hill’s “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.” 

Sarah Maninger, Sports Editor

“Here’s My Thing” with John Roussos is the best podcast you probably aren’t listening to. Each week Roussos talks about a certain experience, memory or item in explicit detail. He talks about things that a busy mind can easily miss and points out the hilarity in common moments. Topics range from “The Bachelor,” to the Honda CRV, to the pure genius that is the Southwest Airlines kiosk. Episodes are typically between four and 20 minutes long, making it the perfect podcast for those of us with short attention spans. It is easily a few of the funniest minutes of my day. When I want to listen to something for a longer period of time I usually put on an episode of “Congratulations” with Chris D’Elia, but “Here’s My Thing” is perfect for when you have a few minutes or just need a laugh.

Max Mullins, Sports Editor


My favorite podcast is “Stick to Football,” featuring Bleacher Report draft analyst Matt Miller with NFL writers Connor Rogers and Mello. It is usually between a half hour and an hour long, and it features rumors, analysis and speculation from around the NFL. The specialty is often the draft, and Miller gives detailed evaluations of the prospects and shares (often accurate) rumors that he has heard connecting prospects to teams. There are also interviews with some of the biggest stars in the NFL and in college football.There are plenty of NFL podcasts out there, but I have found that “Stick to Football” has the best combination of quality content and entertainment value.

Kai Zheng, Opinion Editor

Recently, I’ve been listening to the “Stuff You Should Know” podcast on repeat. The podcast covers just about anything you could ask for, from the legend of the yeti to nuclear fusion reactors. The hosts Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark present the material in a way that’s easy to understand and fun to listen to. Aside from being an educational and humorous listen, the podcast has helped me hone in on my creative voice as a writer. If you find yourself bored out of your mind day in, day out, why not plug in and listen to this podcast? I promise you won’t regret it! 


Serena Guentz, Features Editor

One of my absolute favorite podcasts is “Crying on Main Street,” formerly known as “Crying at Disney.” Anyone who knows me well knows that I’ve always loved Disney, particularly the Disney Parks, so this podcast, where self-described “Disney goths” Andrea Gilletti and Meagan Meli jump right into discussing anything related to Disney is perfect for me. Throughout the podcast, Gilletti and Meli tell the history of different attractions and entertainment in the Disney Parks, talk about new events and rides, and conduct interviews with Disney Imagineers and other people prominent in the Disney scene. Since I can’t always physically go to Disneyland, it’s nice to listen to others talk about their love for Disney in a way that feels like I’m in a conversation with some old friends. If you’re more into true crime than Disney, “Crime Junkie” and “Your Own Backyard” are some other great podcasts.

Valerie van den Broek, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Whenever I go for a long drive or I relax after a day of work, I always come back to my favorite podcast, “Mile Higher Podcast.” I have never been a huge fan of podcasts because many can’t entertain me for that long, but I am hooked to this one. “Mile Higher Podcast” consists of husband and wife duo Josh Thomas and Kendall Rea. Their podcast covers conspiracy theories, true crime, unexplained phenomena and more. Since I was young I’ve been interested in these topics and try to be very open to them as well. So if you ever want to unwind from a long day, or if you are bored during quarantine and you want to discover something new, you should give this podcast a try.