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The Channels staff reviews campus dining options


February 27, 2015

  The Channels decided to review the three main food destinations for students and faculty on City College campus. Each review is the personal opinion of the reporters that attended these restaurants and is based on ...

Award-winning ceramics maker holds lecture at City College

KATIE MEYER, Channels staff

February 21, 2015

Santa Barbara City College welcomed ceramics maker Kenyon Hansen as part of this year’s Atkinson Gallery Art Lecture Series. Hansen spoke Friday afternoon in the administration building about non-conformity and how soda-firing cera...

Alumni art gallery brings inspiration and new experiences

CATALINA AVILA, Channels Staff

November 8, 2014

Like a great box of chocolate with everything from the pleasant praline to the luxurious truffle, the “SBCC Art Alumni Invitational” had the same amount of diversity and treat. Decorative oil paintings, a grand silver flag and sc...

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