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SBCC student favors safety over Del Playa oceanfront living

Brooke Snow, Channels Staff

February 20, 2017

Imagine coming home to a chunk of your apartment’s balcony lying in the ocean and being forced to find a new place to live because your home no longer feels safe. That’s what happened to several students at City College and UCSB about three weeks ago at the 6600 block of Del Playa Dr. in Isla Vi...

Kidney warrior lives by phrase “awareness creates change”

Ashley Somics, Channels Staff

February 10, 2017

With the bar at full capacity; all eyes were on me as I belted out Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me.” I live for karaoke, but this time I was hosting a kidney health awareness fundraiser I coordinated called “Karaoke...

Keep protests peaceful; don’t weaponize First Amendment

Madeline K. Nathaus, Channels Staff

February 10, 2017

The First Amendment was included in the Constitution by the founding fathers to guarantee citizens of the United States freedom of the press, religion, assembly and petition. It is this amendment that separates America from more th...

Student’s move to California marks life-changing decision

Jack Davies, Channels Staff

February 10, 2017

Over the summer, I had to make the toughest decision of my life. When my parents told me that our family was going to move all the way across the country, I was enthusiastic for a change. Seven years later, I felt far overdue...

President Trump’s muslim ban is unsettling to SBCC student


February 6, 2017

Less than two weeks after the presidential inauguration, President Trump approved an executive order indefinitely barring Syrian refugees from entering the U.S. and temporarily prohibiting entrance to citizens from seven predominantly...

A golden girl in a pink world; Living through childhood cancer


October 21, 2016

In 2011 I began third quarter at a new school. Within a month my dad and stepmom had divorced. Within three, I was diagnosed with cancer. I was 15. “You have Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Disease,” said Dr. Chao. “It’s a type of cancer. Your hair will fall out…...

Adopting a vegan lifestyle gives student new sense of belonging

ALYSSA DURANT, Channels Staff

October 14, 2016

Adapting to a healthier lifestyle improved my life for the better, and in more ways than I ever thought possible. Switching to a vegan diet was beneficial and provided more than just the essential nutrients I was lacking in...

SBCC student sides with Kaepernick against racism

MICK WALCHLI, Channels Staff

September 16, 2016

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is making waves by taking a knee during the national anthem in order to raise awareness for the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States. Refusing to stand for the na...

Homesick student finds comfort in Santa Barbara community


September 16, 2016

Imagine waking up early in the morning, feeling a rush through your veins and knowing that in a couple of hours you will be in a different country with a whole new family and a whole new life. As a student from abroad, another...

American Dream doesn’t live up to expectations for Muscovite

PAVEL ZLATIN, Channels Staff

September 16, 2016

It was August 2015. After a 12-hour flight, and 3 hours on an Amtrak train, I had finally arrived to the United States. I was sitting in the backseat of a black car. God only knows why the driver kept asking personal questions...

Keeping high school attitudes will not foster college success


September 9, 2016

I can’t help but laugh whenever I look back to when I thought being a teenager in high school was difficult. I would get angry and feel stupid for receiving average grades, yet I spent more time hanging out with my friends...

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