Students to feature latest trends in music at Music Now! concert


City College students will display the latest trends in music and imaging at the annual Music Now! concert directed by James Watson at 7 p.m. Friday, April 21, in the Garvin Theatre on West Campus.

The concert will primarily feature students from City College’s Sound Recording and Electronic Music class (Music 120B) taught by Watson, as well as some students from the Songwriting class (Music 128), taught by John Clark.

“I’m most looking forward to being able to see the songs flow from one to another in a way that only happens in live performance,” said Watson.

The concert will be the first time the students perform the original music and images that they have created throughout the semester.

Watson said his students have prepared for the concert by learning the ins and outs of the Garvin Theatre audio equipment, and to navigate and understand complicated audio and lighting concerns.

The concert will be $15 for general admission, and $10 admission for students and seniors. It is one of the final concerts for the Spring 2017 SBCC Concert Series.