Atkinson gallery preparing to showcase new art exhibitions


Antony Marchiando

Informational Graphic

SKYLAR SERGE, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Performance and Contemporary artists will be featured in the Atkinson gallery at City College in Spring 2015.

Every semester the Atkinson Gallery director Sarah Cunningham crafts a series that always seems to outdo itself.

From January 23 to February 20, Jillian McDonald will be showcasing her exhibition Valley of
 the Deer. McDonald’s work ranges from photography and fine art to performance-based pieces. Valley of the Deer is a video installation filmed in Scotland that highlights folklore, realism and traditional music, according to her personal statement. Live animals and masked figures play a role in this project.

Interactivity and collaboration are two major components in the newer works of McDonald where visual perimeters reach beyond their borders. Shortly after Valley of the Deer on February 27, Maria Rendon will host an exhibit that features her newer paintings.

Rendon has shown her work in the Art Design and Architecture Museum at University of California Santa Barbara. Her acrylic paintings are abstract and somewhat undefined, leaving various forms of perception to enter the realm of figuring out what she is trying to express.

In a statement on Rendon’s website, she says, “…Through chance, systems and the use of ephemeral materials, I make works inspired by the space between reality and perception, the present and the absent, the normal and the abnormal.”

Lastly on April 17, the Annual Student Exhibition will take place juried by the associate curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santa Barbara. This exhibit will host work done by City College art students and a variety of mediums will be represented. Student work can be submitted until April 10.