SBCC theatre group presents ‘The Heiress’ at Garvin Theatre

Antony Marchiando and Nicole Wong

CATALINA AVILA, Channels Staff

“The Heiress,” a 1947 play based on the Henry James novella “Washington Square,” will run at the Garvin Theatre from Oct. 17 through Nov. 1.

The play is directed by Theatre Arts Instructor, Judy Garey, and it will star equity and guest actress, Avery Clyde, playing the shy and slightly awkward main character of the play, Catherine Sloper, and Josh Jenkins playing her love interest. Playing the main supporting roles are local actors Leslie Gangl Howe, as the role of Lavinia Penniman and Tom Hinshaw as the role of Dr. Sloper.

The play is in the middle of rehearsals, already going through last minute director and actor changes. Original director and City College Theatre Professor, Kathrine Laris, had to drop the project due to time conflicts and Mahaeloni Ciabottoni who was going to play the role of Maria, the Sloper family’s servant, had to drop as well due to health reasons.

“When people go to see a play they think, this is easy! But there is a lot that goes into it,” said Judy Garey, the new director. “Since Judy is such a pro, it has been an easy transition,” said Tom Hinshaw.