Music Now! showcases contemporary student music

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Mango Mango, Music Now!


The roof blew off of the Garvin Theatre Friday night after the ‘Music Now!’ concert rocked the house at City College.

The concert was a collection of different genres ranging from rock, pop, rap, hip-hop and samba reggae–all performed by City College students.

The stage was flowing with passion and rhythm the entire show, with beats that swayed back and forth through your head and catchy tempos you wish you could hear again.

In the past, ‘Music Now!’ has featured students from City College’s Music 120 Sound Recording and Music Technology classes. This year’s concert also presented Music 128 Songwriting classes.

The night started off with Brandon Roberts, who sang and played acoustic guitar, he performed his original piece “Gypsy Man,” putting his whole heart and soul into it. Roberts also joined Selah Argent and Xenia Flores for the next original piece,“Lullaby.”

The trio played with sweet melodies and carried out the song beautifully.

For the next performance, James Johnson appeared on stage and performed an original song,“Summertime Flight.” You could swear his voice came from a Phil Collins album. The song was adorable and also cheery beyond belief.

The fourth performance of the night sent Xenia Flores back on stage for a solo, which was performed with such grace. She played guitar and sang her original piece, “Home.” As she sung, she painted a loveable picture for the audience, making them feel like they were watching the delightful events she sung about unfold.

The night was filled with many outstanding artists, from Will Morales, who performed an inspiring original rap song; Julian Hall, with a very impressive instrumental electric guitar solo; Mnisha Burns-Sanchez, singing, and Carmalisa Reichhart on electric violin, performing their original piece “Devil” together.

The bands of the night, “Mango, Mango,” “Super Space Nation,” and yet to be named trio led by electric guitarist, Matt Molloy, did an excellent job getting the whole audience to grin from ear to ear.

Anna Kasper of the band,“Mango, Mango” sung like there was no tomorrow, and the entire band played with great energy and enthusiasm leaving you wanting more.

“Super Space Nation,” did a fantastic job getting the audience involved, making for a passionate show. The six band members rocked it up on stage, performing with eagerness and pride.

Matt Molloy’s trio performed original classic rock songs perfectly, with a little bit of country twang.

But, the guy to really look out for was vocalist and keyboard player, Joveth Jorquia, who not only wrote his own songs, but also had the voice of a music angel.

With his catchy tempos, great lyrics and amazing voice, he surly left the audience with quite an impression.

As the night came to an end, when you thought all was said and done, Anna Kasper of “Mango, Mango,” joined by three other vocalists, did a cover of the song, “Happy” made popular by Pharrell Williams.

Looking to see the next City College music performance? Check out “Big Band Blowout!” 7p.m. Monday, May 5, at the Garvin Theatre. Admission costs $15 dollars for general admission and $10 dollars for students and seniors.