Local music blog We The Beat brings electronic acts to SB

Local music blog We The Beat brings electronic acts to SB

Antonio Salcido, Arts Editor

For all you music lovers, there is a new local company with one simple goal ― to bring a new music scene to Santa Barbara.

The music blog and promotion company, We The Beat, sheds light on live electronic music by putting on shows at SOhO Restaurant and Music Club ― similar to Club Mercy. With a daily updated blog, it gives fans a dose of new music.

“We are trying to bring a scene that isn’t here right now,” said Blake Nania, chief editor and co-founder. “We think live electronic acts are the next step in music right now. That’s the scene we are trying to promote. That’s the vibe we are trying to bring to Santa Barbara.”

Tickets sold out for the company’s first concert in October, featuring the electro-pop act, Carousel. Same with its latest concert at SOhO, featuring the beach-vibe dance music of Goldroom.

Electronic music is the new hot thing said co-founder Kirk Reed, the musicianship and interaction associated with a live act is something Santa Barbara is ready for.

“You see the audience connect with how human a live show is,” said Reed. “Let’s take this dance scene and take it to another level so we’re not watching a button pusher.”

We The Beat has a broad following since their launch in September, with an average of nearly a hundred page visits a day and over 500 Facebook ‘likes.’ Its quick following is partly due to the fan base Nania brought over from the local music blog, Oh Hey Doctor, which he helped start and currently still contributes to.

Nania, a third year City College student, was itching to start a new project and through mutual friends met Reed, a recent graduate of UCSB who was set on starting his own company. Together, the beginnings of We The Beat were formed.

“We saw concert promoters that didn’t have a cool website and we saw a website that didn’t put on events,” said Reed. “We wanted to bring them together.”

For a start-up company it shows promise in regard to finances. The two shows brought in revenue, which is being invested back into the company with merchandise, stickers and new acts.

Reed said individual employees are not making money, but the fact that Santa Barbara is coming out and supporting We The Beat is all he can ask for.

With its quick success, the company plans on expanding its shows to feature DJ sets. The company recently signed a deal with the State Street, 21-and-over club, Indochine.

“It’s about giving our fans a new experience, a new show, a new party,” said Reed. “We want to definitely be multifaceted. Doing different things and throwing different kinds of shows is always more fun.”

The big picture is to expand outside the Santa Barbara area, but the founders are realistic in their ambitions.

“We need a solid footing Santa Barbara, sharpen our teeth here and get a fan base,” said Reed.

So for the next year We The Beat is staying local.

With all the other music blogs in the area one would think they would see each other as rivals. But according to Nania it is the opposite. We The Beat works with a lot of local blogs Including UCSB’s Speak Volumes.

“We are all just kinda helping each other by promoting each other’s stuff and it’s all just coming back around,” he said. “That’s how music should be.”

The next concert is in February and a January show is in the mix. Until then, there will always be the newest music reviewed on their website.