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Review: Music Now! concert features eclectic student talent

Review: Music Now! concert features eclectic student talent
Justin Covington

Under the direction of Dominic Camardella, students enthralled the audience with their talents in composing, singing and performing during the Music Now! concert.

The event took place from 7 to 9 p.m. Friday, April 26, in the Garvin Theatre. Students from the “Music 120—Sound Recording and Electronic Music” class presented original works and covers.

Two-thirds of the theater was filled and a modest number of young people represented the spectators.

The show included three sets. The first and the last ones featured contemporary music such as rap, pop, rock and electro. The second one highlighted European and South American music from the ’60s and ’70s. The second set was more appealing.

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Students demonstrated their class’ objective through the sound quality of the show—consistent and close to studio standard.

Lighting on stage brought to mind the image of a small club in the ’70s.

Lyrics written by the students themselves successfully portrayed the personalities of each performer.

One highlight of the show was the use of wind chimes and a rain-pipe, played by Alexander Torrent. They produced a delightful but mysterious sound, almost magical.

Torrent was a passionate vocalist and energetic performer, with and without an instrument.

Any performance involving John Joveth Jorquia was splendid. He shone as a lead singer and saved mediocre songs as a backing vocalist.

Guitarist and vocalist Anthony Meyers lifted the show from college level to professional with his skillful guitar playing.

A sense of freedom and wildness came across through his appearance and natural approach to music.

Meyers’ voice had just enough dirt and sincerity to captivate the audience’s full attention.

Ivan Cestoni, Jimmy Silva, Matthew Friedman, Myra Alexandra and Gradon Lee also stood out. Indeed, almost every performer deserved a commendation.

Alexandra received the second biggest applause from the audience, after Meyers.

The show closed down with three performances by a new band called “Junipero.” All band members were dynamic. Yet, lead singer Mnisha Burns-Sanchez could improve her vocal control.

But to be fair, she succeeded in getting everybody on their feet when singing with Junipero because of her enthusiasm.

Some minor slip-ups during the show included the fact that many performers forgot to introduce themselves and their songs before each rendition. No set list was distributed to the audience.

The entire show lasted 30 minutes longer than expected. A number of songs could have been eliminated to avoid unpunctuality.

Despite the slip-ups, Camardella should be proud of his students.

MP3 at top of page: “Rumba Flamenco” by Anthony Meyes and Joseph Barbosa (MusicNow Live Concert Spring ’13)


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