Review: Spring dance concert ‘complex,’ ‘intense,’ ‘beautiful’

Review: Spring dance concert complex, intense, beautiful

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City College dance instructor Tracy R. Kofford (right) and Kyle Castillo perform an except from ‘A Leap of Faith’ during dress rehearsal for ‘Collective’ April 18, 2013 at the Center Stage Theater in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Hannah Smith, Staff Writer

Complex, intense, interesting, haunting, powerful and beautiful are only a few words to describe this semester’s sold-out dance concert hosted by City College April 19, 2013.

The show is titled “Collective” because along with City College students, the UCSB dance company, Santa Barbara Dance Theatre and Fusion Dance Company all contributed to the two-hour show.

The concert was held at The Center Stage Theater, located in the Paseo Nuevo shopping center in downtown Santa Barbara. Inside was very small with limited and cramped seating, but, once settled in, it made for a very intimate experience with the performers.

The evening started off on the right foot with a performance that showcased superb movement mixed with creative costume design, catchy music, interesting lighting and intense emotions from the performers. The bar was only raised from there throughout the show.

With 14 different pieces, they were able to showcase a wide variety of dance types as well as skills throughout the performance.

One piece that left audience members in awe was “A Leap of Faith,” a men’s duet performed by artistic director and City College dance instructor, Tracy R. Kofford and Kyle Castillo. Their movements were so intensely controlled and precise that they were able to dance mere inches from each other without even touching.

The program was set up so each piece had a different mood and would evoke completely different emotions. Some pieces involved 10 people while others only involved one or two. This variation kept the audience members at the edge of their seats waiting to find out what will come next.

The night ended with an energetic piece by City College students that incorporated the entire spirit of the “collective.” From their power, energy and full commitment to each individual movement, their hard work had really shown through.

The last day to view this extraordinary well put together show will be Saturday, April 20, 2013.