CD Review – ‘Sting in the Tail’ by the Scorpions

Kristen Gardner, Kristen Gardner, and Kristen Gardner

The Scorpions have a had a long, successful, 44-year career, even after releasing some uneasy albums like Humanity 2.0 and Unbreakable, and I am happy to say that the Scorpions power back with the release of their 17th and last album, Sting in the Tail.

While Humanity 2.0 and Unbreakable were more modern and good for the current times, Sting in the Tail is all about bringing back their sound of the 80s.

Sting in the Tail is packed with arena ready anthems like “No Limit,” “Rockzone” and “Turn You On” and sophisticated ballads.

Overall this album is classic of what you would expect from the Scorpions, even though the album could have done with one less ballad. This CD may not have any radio hits, but it’s one heck of a way to wind up a career and would satisfy any long-time Scorpion fan.