CD Review – “Teen Dream” by Beach House

James Sinclair and James Sinclair

If you’ve been a good person in life, these are the songs you get to hear when you die.

That’s not surprising considering that “Teen Dream,” the third full length album from Baltimore dream-pop duo Beach House, was recorded in a converted New York church.

Victoria Legrand’s layered, piercing vocals resonate deeply, often times eliciting a near tangible pang of emotion. The multi-instrumental Alex Scally accompanies Legrand, along with a cheap drum machine, to form Beach House’s hollow, ethereal sound. The emotional, echoing lyrics, combined with the minimalist, upbeat melodies are like a funeral on a sunny day.

Teen Dream is fantastic from start to finish, but the opening track “Zebra” and the previously released and re-recorded single “Used to Be” are particularly engaging. While 2010 is still very young, this album is sure to be one of the best of the year.