Review – Songwriters show creativity, interpretations

Rosa Lima, Rosa Lima, and Rosa Lima

The musical genius in the Fe Bland Forum on Oct. 4 was beyond mesmerizing.

The students from John Clark’s songwriting class collaborated to perform a few self-written songs and some melodies honoring of The Beatles. The night was cold but inside, the performances were far from chilly.

The music varied from soulful piano ballads to rocking jams about “nerd life.” The selection was wondrous as various students took the stage to perform self-written pieces that were intriguing and pleased the audience.

Many hit the stage with peculiar songs such as Melissa Ashbauth did with her self-written “Skunk Puppy” and “Thumbin.” The audience laughed as she smiled and began to tell her story through song about her dog that a skunk accidentally sprayed.

The selection continued as Professor Clark took the stage to play guitar while Ashbauth sang “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” by The Beatles. Then Chuck Rogers covered, “Blackbird” by The Beatles and his very own “Radio.”

One of the most pleasing performances was one done by a mother-daughter duet, Lindsey Waldon and her mother who both sang, “Here Comes the Sun.” They swayed in their seats as her mom strummed the guitar and sang and Lindsey sang background vocals in a higher octave. The musical performances kept flowing as students, such as Vivienne Tucker who performed eclectic songs like, “You’re So Cool” and “Give Up While You’re Behind.”

After various performances, Gabe Hollis took it upon himself to express to the people sitting in the Fe Bland forum the troubles of an unpopular guy, “It’s hard to get girls” he said while dressed in a green sweatshirt wearing a bright yellow Pikachu hat. He began to sing his very own, “Nerd Life” connected to “Hey Jude” by The Beatles followed by “TiVo” and a song that made girls blush, “She’s Not Perfect But I Love Her.”

As the night drew to a close the performances seemed to get better. Lindsey Waldon took the stage once more as she shared two soulful ballads “Darling, I’m Crazy” and the beautifully composed “Jacqueline, Jacqueline.” As her hands began to play the piano and her sweet voice began to sing, the audience was captured by the symphony itself.

A similar performance was one by Phoebe Light who shared her very own, “Violins” noting that her friend who was supposed to play the violin in this song was away but she still managed to make it sound amazing and “Sweet Distraction” a beautiful melody with a very modern feel to it.

Two bands performed, “Arc of History” and Noah Gibbons and his band as they closed the wonderful music sharing.