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‘Gangsta’ gold accessory makes for girl’s prime necessity

If my backpack was human it would be a certified P-I-M-P.

While you stand around reppin’ the Jansport logo, I cruise around campus rockin’ hi-fi speakers on each side of mine.

It’s metallic gold, embellished with tiny decorative cassettes, and yes-it plays music. Yet for as fly as my backpack may be, I must admit it’s hard wearing something so flashy.

My bag may be loud-it’s bright and it’s different. But it’s mine, and I’m too happy with it to care what others think.

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I love “Goldie.” From the moment I laid eyes on it, I knew it would be mine one day.

My friends felt otherwise.

They said it was tacky and ghetto. Some even went as far as saying they wouldn’t be seen with me if I wore it in public. I was crushed.

I was confused as to why my backpack was so embarrassing.

It upset me because people thought I had to be ‘gangsta’ to own it, which I’m proud to say I’m not.

The criticism got so bad that, for the first few days of school, I had to force myself to walk onto campus.

It didn’t help that people made comments like, “Whoah! What the heck do you have on your back?” Or, “How can a girl like you even think of wearing something like that?”

A girl like me? Since when are there rules on who can or can’t wear a backpack?

Sure, Goldie is unique. And granted, I’m not “ghetto-fabulous,” to say the least. Walking around wearing a gold bag with speakers draws unwanted attention.

Despite the criticism, I only see all the cool things about it.

It’s gold-my favorite color. It has speakers to play music, a special pocket to hold my laptop, plenty of space to hold my books, and it’s beautiful!

No matter how great I thought it was, wearing it was not getting any easier. The more comments I got, the more self-conscious I became.

I was fed up! Why do people waste their time criticizing other people’s taste? I should be able to wear what I like.

I decided to ask my mom for her advice. Yes, I still ask my mom for help.

I told her I didn’t think I was going to wear my backpack anymore.

She looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Christie, you love that backpack! And that’s all that matters. You better hold your head up high and wear it!”

She was absolutely right.

I mean, first of all, it’s just a book bag-not a tattoo across my forehead. Secondly, I love it. So why was I going to let people get in my way?

I was done. Goldie was awesome, and the haters would just have to deal.

My mom’s advice actually worked. The more confident I was as I walked around wearing it, the more compliments I began to receive.

For those of you wanting a bag like mine, it’s too late. The store I bought it from just closed down.

You’ll just have to admire mine from afar.

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