CD Review- The Fray

Jessica Niemeyer, Jessica Niemeyer, and Jessica Niemeyer

Fame isn’t over for The Fray, whose second, self-titled album journeys through a rocky past of heartbreaks and open wounds on the road of life.

The Denver-based group debuted the album on Feb. 2, giving their fans a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Floating through every song are soft, piano-based melodies, with atmospheric symphonies of vocals, guitar rhythms and drums.

“Say When” is a passionate song that expresses sensual ecstasy through Isaac Slade‘s piano harmonies and vocals. “Never Say Never” sounds a swirling symphony of drums, violin, piano and guitar to express the story of a relationship as an emotional roller-coaster. These two songs will definitely leave you with a sense of longing and need for intimacy.

Although some of the tracks are slightly repetitive and unoriginal, the few inspirational masterpieces make up for what the rest of the album lacks.