CD Review – The Takeover

Joey Large

Zion I is back with producers Zumbi and AmpLive, reppin’ the West Coast on his new album, “The Takeover.”

Soulful blues vocals become part of the beat in “Antenna.” The bass creeps into the singing, blending into heavy-hitting drums over a funky keyboard melody. Zion I raps, “Third rock from the sun, drift through space, spinning like an angel, with a dirty face.”

Following the Living Legends shoutout, the lyrics address various societal and global issues.

AmpLive lays down inventive cuts on every track. He displays his insane breaking skills on “DJ DJ,” a song heavy on electronic instrumental.

“Juicy Juice” provides a classic hyphe track that will make heads bounce at any party.

“The Takeover” leaves you feeling like getting juicy while coasting on a dream. In other words, it “makes you feel brand new.”

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