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Updates on Study Abroad summer trips

Sofia Gjerstad

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Apart from the trip to France, the City College Study Abroad Program is offering three other opportunities this summer.

Another language trip will go to the coastal town of San Sebastian in northern Spain, from June 13 to July 11, 2009. The director of this program is Professor Robledo. The concept will be similar to the France trip, with around four hours of language studies per day and housing with host families. There will be day trips to places like Biarritz and Bilbao, and one weekend in Barcelona.

Students interested in Film Studies have the opportunity to go on a trip to Paris, Berlin and Prague. The program is offered from July 13 to August 3, 2009. According to program director Nico Maestu, the students will be going on guided tours to interesting sights and some of the trips include excursions to famous museums such as the Louvre Museum in Paris and the Museum of Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin.

A trip to Rwanda, focusing on communication, documentary filmmaking and volunteering will be offered from June 13 to July 10, 2009. The students will among other things do volunteer work, day trips to national parks to watch wild animals and go gorilla tracking, says program director Dr. Carrie Cropley.

Going to Africa might sound unsafe, but according to Carola Smith, Senior Director for International Programs, Rwanda is an exciting and interesting place and the political situation is very stable.

“The only health hazard would be foreign bacteria and insects that the students need to get vaccinated for before departure,” Smith said. “All these trips that we are offering will be a great opportunity for students to get tremendous travel experiences.”

At least 20 students need to sign up for each trip before it can take place.

For more information visit the Study Abroad website or stop by the Study Abroad office IE-1 at the International Education Center on East Campus.

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Updates on Study Abroad summer trips