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Closing East Campus increases pedestrian safety

Closing East Campus increases pedestrian safety

Starting next semester, East Campus will be closed for business—for cars that is.

No student cars will be allowed past the campus drop off anymore. None.

The Channels Editorial Board thinks this is a good idea for the sake of pedestrian safety.

The upcoming entryway remodel will reroute students to a “new and improved” drop off zone by the Administration Building.

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A new control arm will be installed at the entrance kiosk that will only allow faculty to drive onto campus.

Although this may seem like an inconvenience at first, it’s an adjustment we are willing make.

Feeling safe while crossing the street at the bridge is worth walking an extra 100 yards to class.

However, we worry that traffic could become backed up and overflow onto Cliff Drive.

This will require additional security to help remedy any problems and we all know security is sparse at City College.

It is vague how security will determine what students will be allowed to pass through the control arm. But, we believe this change to East Campus will be great for pedestrian safety.

Those who travel by foot will still have to dodge skateboarders and bikers, but now we wont have to dodge inexperienced drivers.

Faculty cars will still be passing by areas busy with students.

It is important for these faculty members to take caution when driving.

Guides should be placed at popular crosswalks to direct traffic between students and cars to prevent the risk of accidents.

This is one small step towards the campus changing for the better when it comes to pedestrian traffic.

Many of us risk being hit by cars on a daily basis just to cut out two minutes of walking time.

In order to further improve routes to and on campus, City College should implement crosswalks between parking lots on Loma Alta Drive.

Hopefully this will happen before somebody dies, right?

This doesn’t mean students shouldn’t be more careful.

It does mean the administration should spend the dough to take some precautions that could thwart a gruesome incident.

If we can spend $229,081 on a new roundabout, we can spend a few thousand on a crosswalk too.

The carelessness of cars and pedestrians is irreversible, but prevention of accidents is doable.

We are left with many unanswered questions, but we wonder whether or not students will be allowed to park on East Campus on the weekends and after five, like they can right now.

Having this ability is good for students who take night classes, and want to be safe when they are walking to their cars in the dark.

Students still need to have access to this parking lot on nights and weekends for safety; otherwise, campus security will need to be beefed up in the lower parking lots.

Students deserve after hours access, at the very least.


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