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Sustainability forum brainstorms green ideas for SBCC

Nora Abou-Dabous, Channels Staff

November 4, 2013

The Center for Sustainability brainstormed ideas for a green campus at the first meeting that was held in the Physical Education Building on Wednesday, Oct. 23. The forum started with a presentation of the Center's goals and ...

Maxine Hong Kingston to inspire creative writing from students

Abigail Schutte, Channels Contributor

November 4, 2013

City College will host award-winning Chinese-American author Maxine Hong Kingston Friday, Nov. 8 in the Garvin Theatre. She will be reading excerpts from her book 'The Woman Warrior."  The event is sponsored by the Creative...

Freedom writer Erin Gruwell to inspire and empower students

Savanna Mesch, Channels Contributor

November 4, 2013

Education activist and founder of the Freedom Writer’s Foundation Erin Gruwell will deliver the Leonardo Dorantes Lecture at 12:45 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 6 at the Garvin Theatre. The SBCC Foundation established the lecture series in 1991 afte...

Transportation group continues to debate, no solution in sight

Ryan Joel, Channels Staff

November 4, 2013

Conflicting interests arose within the Transportation Alternatives Group despite the establishment of a mission statement. The group finalized their mission before Friday’s meeting. They hope that it will help weigh the pros...

Students favor multiple summer sessions

Anna Logan, Channels Staff

November 4, 2013

City College students may have the chance to take two summer sessions, which could help knock a semester off of their expected graduation date. Jack Friedlander, executive vice president of academic affairs, proposed the idea...

Third world countries are richer than you’d think

Justin Covington, Associate Editor

November 1, 2013

Instead of saving your money for a trip to France, London, or to get your buzz on in Amsterdam, consider traveling to less popular destinations, such as a third world country. What I know from my trip to Rwanda, Africa, is that you learn a...

Chinese, Japanese languages growing in popularity on campus

Lorenzo Lepori, Channels Staff

November 1, 2013

The East Asian languages are gaining popularity among City College students interested in learning about a new culture and in increasing their future business opportunities. “About 10 years ago, two of us were teaching Japanese,”...

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