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In a letter to myself, I reflect on the journey to find my belonging

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Brandon Ridgeway
Angel Corzo stands at the end of the Mount Fremont Lookout Trial on July 19, 2022 at Mount Rainier National Park, Wash. Mount Rainier is a stratovolcano, the highest point in the state of Washington.

Dear Angel,

I think you misplaced me.

A conventional dwelling, somewhere in the suburbs of NorCal, is where I thought I belonged.

Nonetheless, I’ve found myself in quite the opposite variety of settings.

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You might have left me in your Honda Civic, while you were speeding, windows down, with an assortment of rhythms and vocals blasting from the speakers.

I could have easily been forgotten in those conversations with your friends that keep you there for yet another half an hour, right before you go your separate ways, wishing you’d said more.

Another place you could look is that desolate beach you’ve sat on while saying goodbye to the disappearing daylight, feeling as if the sky is painting a mural for all of your troubles.

I think I may have even been in the warmth of your mother’s embrace when you’ve been away from her for too long, or just when you need a hug.

Perhaps I was there when the wind was beating on your camping tent, rattling the battery-powered lamp, car keys, wool socks and underwear hanging above your head, while you set your journal down and rested your eyes in tranquility.

I may possibly have been within the exchange of “I love you’s” before the phone call ends.

You could have also left me while reminiscing over humorous family stories with some of the people you love most in this world.

It’s also plausible that you forgot me in every single song lyric sung from the heart, with no intent of being eloquent or silent.

I might be where you ran your fingers through the lines of hung second-hand clothing, stopping only when a distressed monochromatic piece caught your eye.

I could even be there on the nights you hear your dog jump onto your bed, finding a comfortable spot to curl up and lay by your feet.

You may have left me during every time you get sent music from friends at any given moment of the day.

It’s possible you misplaced me in the newsroom at City College, surrounded by compelling individuals you have the pleasure of calling your colleagues and, most importantly, friends.

Despite all of these people, places and things, I seem to have been intentionally placed exactly where you want me to be each and every time.

I’m honestly just glad you found me in the first place, but do let me know where I need to go.



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