Cross Currents: Is ‘hookup’ culture good or bad for the modern age?

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Alloy Zarate

Illustration by Alloy Zarate, 2020

Jacob Frank and Dylan Grausz

“Hookup” culture is debated as to whether it is good or bad for us as college students. Having casual sexual encounters can be enticing to some, but others believe saving yourself for a meaningful relationship is more important.


Jacob Frank, News Editor

Sex isn’t supposed to be this secretive, taboo concept to sweep under the rug, but I don’t think hookup culture promotes the kind of mutual respect most people are looking for, even in a casual relationship.

Sexual freedom and the history of peoples’ individual rights are incredible. For too long society has discriminated against people of all kinds for trying to live a life where they are comfortable with themselves and their desires.

Even if it’s not perfect, there has been no other time like today where people can express themselves and be open about who they are and what they want.

However, I don’t think hooking up without emotions or attachments or out of jealousy is really feasible, at least without treating the other person as an object.

Sex to me is a way to show someone you really care about them, that you want to step deeper into your relationship and understanding of that person. It’s really incredible to have someone you think passionately about and want to see often and grow with.

You really give up a part of yourself when you make that choice, and they trust you enough to do the same.

Some people are different. They respect themselves and feel empowered by the freedom they have with their bodies, seeing it as no more than another act. That’s great, people should definitely have the choice. But for as long as I can remember, life’s been about hooking up and seeking that pleasure, to become “cool” and socially accepted.

Even just talking about women with friends turns more into a judgmental sort of objectification. If that’s all you care about, more power. But that’s a real person out in the world like you. How many of us like to have our insecurities become a talking point?

Maybe in a perfect world, people can have sex with that mutual respect and understanding, or maybe I’m just living in the wrong world, but I’ve never seen it.

Someone almost always ends up getting hurt or used or disrespected in a very personal way that isn’t easily forgotten.

I’m worried that this breakdown of appreciation for other people will only get worse with each generation, and we’ll stray further from that love and passion you cultivate with someone you care about.


Dylan Grausz, Staff Writer

In today’s society, it’s common for people to be constantly asked by their family or friends what their relationship status is or if they are seeing anyone new. It seems that in our modern world, we are being pressured into meeting someone so that we can get into a committed relationship. But just playing the field and enjoying ourselves is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

As college students, we are constantly busy with school and aspects of life that make it hard to find time to be in a relationship. Many of us are young and are focusing on ourselves and getting our lives together for our futures. 

However, it is sometimes important to enjoy ourselves every now and then so we can decompress from the stresses of life.

Hookup culture is a good thing for people our age. It gives us the ability to not only meet people but also teaches us to not settle for the first person we meet. In life, it is important to explore your options before making a decision.

Hookups are similar to house hunting. When you are house hunting, you go around looking at all different types of houses in various places before making a decision on where to live. 

Similar to house hunting, hooking up like looking around in that you meet different people before maybe meeting somebody that you really like.

Hooking up with a lot of people can be risky in terms of transmitting diseases. 

However if one is careful, there is no harm in it. The issue with relationships is that you have to make time for it and you may be with someone who you realize is not your type.

It is common to also have the stigma that when a guy engages in hookup culture, they are disrespectful females. However, there are a lot of people out there who are extremely respectful individuals but who also think that hookups are better for them than relationships. 

Even though hookup culture can be bad for a person’s development, it can be helpful in teaching a young person what they want in a relationship for themselves so that in the future they can end up with the right person.