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In-person school was hard, remote classes force me to mature or fail

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Distance learning has taken over the education world and has been a positive experience for me and the way I learn.

Prior to online schooling, my mind would feel exhausted as soon as I walked in the door when I’d come home from school.

I have always struggled with doing well educationally throughout the course of my life. I have never liked going to school or getting up for my classes as far back as elementary school.

In middle school, I struggled to find my place amongst my peers and that made school very difficult. Being a bit goofy, I felt that people struggled to understand or relate to me. I had a couple of friends but I was never the popular kid by any means.

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The pressures of fitting in combined with the pressure to do well in my classes made going to school a dreadful experience for me.

Starting around fourth or fifth grade when we had more formal tests and exams. I always dreaded the time when I had to be in school all day and learn about fractions or sit through a boring history lesson.

My parents were also going through a messy divorce during the start of my time in high school. Due to that, my motivation to go to school and do my assignments was dwindling away. Being an athlete not only made it very hard to fit everything that I needed to get done, but also the pressures of being good in sports made life even more difficult. As a football player for a successful program, the expectations were through the roof.

Those four years were the worst experience and I am very grateful that I do not have to relive that experience. 

Not only was my GPA only about 2.4, but I also was at a point where I barely graduated.

Once I went to college, I was determined to not only do well but be motivated to get my work done. My first semester, while not my best, made me realize that I could actually do well in school if I really apply myself.

However, the motivation for me to get up out of bed and actually go to school was still a challenge for me because I have never been a morning person.

At the beginning of the pandemic we were forced to switch to online learning, which made me nervous at first. I did not know how I would respond to having the freedom to be able to do my work whenever I had the time to. 

As time has gone on and I spend more time doing distance learning, I’ve realized that not only is remote schooling very flexible but it is the best possible thing for my education. It forces me to plan ahead and make a schedule as to when I will complete each assignment.

Now, I hope that all schools give students the opportunity to do distance learning even when the pandemic ends to give students the freedom to complete their education how they want.

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