Take your time in college, you might find your true passion

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Jacob Frank, Staff Writer

Jacob Frank
Jacob Frank

As the care and comfort of my high school years came to a close, I wasn’t afraid of jumping into a new world, going to college, or meeting new people. 

What frightened me was the fact that the next couple of years could define the rest of my life. 

College is not meant to be such an intimidating force in student’s lives. Still, it seems we’ve either been dreading or anticipating our futures since we were old enough to care about them. 

My biggest challenge has been understanding my place in the world and how it ties to my passions. I rack my brain looking for a major and destination, realizing that I can’t know exactly where I’m going and there is no hurry. 

College is pivotal and it is okay to take your time here. Rushing doesn’t guarantee your success and could cause you to miss the experience of college as well as the indicators pointing you towards what you’re really after. 

At first, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I came face to face with this existential burden in my senior year while everyone was thinking seriously about college. 

I chose to pursue a business degree in Palm Desert, California, thinking that whatever I ended up doing would be easier if I had money. I found out real fast that I was getting bored, that I was rushing into something that lacked the passion I needed in my education.

At the same time, my passion for art was also beginning to bubble up. I knew I had to be in that world, to surround myself with like-minded individuals because the doors wouldn’t be open forever.

Escaping my comfort zone and lunging towards new opportunities landed me in Santa Barbara where I knew only a handful of people, and now I feel like I’m in the right place.

Though I’ve been going with the flow, it also feels like an active search.

Allowing ourselves to be driven by the moment will reveal our passions, but we still have to choose to follow them. 

I’m one class away from earning my Multimedia Arts degree but I’m still exploring almost every corner of the college spectrum. This semester, my schedule consists of Auto Mechanics, 3D Animation, Environmental Horticulture, Philosophy and Journalism. 

City College is the perfect place to test the waters, and it makes sense for me because I am learning how to become the person I want to be in this crazy world. 

Rushing into a university could lead to more distractions and less focus, which could actually discourage your motivation to succeed. You may end up a debt-ridden graduate with a degree you thought you wanted, struggling to find a job. 

It’s totally normal to be cautious.

There’s growing support for pumping the brakes and reflecting on your goals. College can be much more fruitful when you have some experience and an idea of the world to guide your goals.

I am a member of the community of those who seek the fabled “never work a day in your life” occupation we’ve dreamt so much about, while still trying to be smart and cultivate some feeling of purpose.

Besides, doing what you love is invaluable compared to a salary you receive for a job you don’t love. Take your time, work hard, and keep an open mind.