Lyndsay Maas apologizes for use of N-word via all-campus email

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Lyndsay Maas, Vice President of Business Services

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Vice President of Business Services Lyndsay Maas requested that Anthony Beebe distribute her apology via email Nov. 20 in response to a recent controversy around her use of a racial slur while quoting a student. The full story about the controversy can be found here. 

Dear Dr. Beebe:

In light of me being put on administrative leave, I ask that you share this letter of
apology with all staff, faculty, and students on my behalf.

To begin, I would like to briefly explain what occurred last week that has led to requests for my resignation at Monday’s board meeting: During a gender equity work group meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 14, we were discussing the challenges of creating survey questions that capture why students don’t or may not feel safe on campus. A staff member stated that our black/African American students feel unsafe because they hear the n-word directed at them on campus. I then repeated that statement but used the unabbreviated version of the n-word. I should not have used that word and sincerely apologize for this mistake that has caused so many such pain. I apologize to the entire campus community and to all black/African American students, faculty and staff.

That word should never be used in any context as it only serves to perpetuate racism, and I was complicit. I recognize that I need to reflect on what took place and do thoughtful, informed work to educate myself. I committed to complete the following anti-racism courses to increase my personal awareness of how to better serve SBCC:

1. Center for Organizational Responsibility and Advancement (CORA) Learning –
online courses
2. Affective Learning Institute (ALI) – in person multi-day training
3. Crossroads Antiracism Training or equivalent course – in person multi-day
4. Ally for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Achievement Award
Program (offered by SBCC) – in person training courses over extended time period I will spend my future at SBCC more aware of how words can cause pain. Additionally, I will continue to be a part of the changes needed to help battle on-campus racism at SBCC.

With my sincerest apologies,
Lyndsay Maas