Abstract art debate persists in ‘Persistence’


Erick Pirayesh, Staff Writer

The abstract art show, “Persistence,”  opened Friday night at the Atkinson Gallery, featuring paintings and sculptures from well-known Santa Barbara artists.

“Santa Barbara has a long history of abstraction, and there’s been some internationally known artists who have lived and worked here,” said Atkinson Director Dane Goodman “We are re honored at this college to have them here.”

Those attending the opening on Friday, the first of the Spring 2012 semester,  were treated to music from the local band, Cheese Opportunity, and finger food. The gallery was packed with City College art students, fans, and the majority of artists whose pieces were on display.

While abstract art is defined more as exploring the relationship between form and color, traditional art represents the world in recognizable images. As the whole gallery was abstract, student opinions differed on what exactly each person saw in a specific work of art.

“There’s a casualness to it which is very purposeful,  said Joan Tanner, offering a description of her massive sculpture “Scoundrel and Slapface.”

“Everything is very violated. Verticals are attached in a casual manner. It is very awkward.”

Student Chantelle Honaker didn’t quite see the same thing. “I’m thinking it’s like some kind of knight warrior,” she said.

The art debate rages on.