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Antioch pairs with SBCC to help struggling math students

Since fall 2013, Antioch University has helped struggling City College students in a condensed course similar to Math 117.

Located in downtown Santa Barbara, City College’s partner school offers QNT 190: Statistics and Behavioral Sciences, which is equivalent to Statistics 117. The course fee is $349 and has class meetings for 10 weeks. The math class is designed to meet the IGETC and the Associate degree requirements; with a passing grade the course counts into the AA’s and majors.

Without City College, Antioch couldn’t offer the course at such a low price.

“For the structure of the class we really wanted to be sensitive to the needs of the community college students. So we came to this balance of $349,” said Sharisse Estomo, Director of Admission at Antioch University.

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The third edition of the class started Monday, April 7, and will continue during the fall if there is enough interest among the students during the summer.

Estomo mentioned that only 25 students are accepted because they want the students to feel like they have the time to work with their teacher and get the help they need. The ones who apply first will get into the class if they meet the requirements, she said.

To take the class, a satisfactory score on City College’s assessment or a successful grade in intermediate algebra at a community college is required, Estomo said.

“A student can also challenge the prerequisite by informing us that they feel that they are willing to take the course in confidents based on their skills coming into the class,” Estomo said.

“I’m really bad at math, I tested into math 1 at City College but I could still take the class at Antioch so it’s very easy to get in,” said Nicolina Wikberg.

She took the QNT 190: Statistics and Behavioral Sciences course and is a former City College student who just earned her associate degree in marketing.

Students will meet with their teacher, Dr. John Galaska, two times a week, three hours every session during the 10 weeks. It’s the same amount of hours as taking a four-unit course at City College. The extended working time gives the students the opportunity to really dive deep and learn about different subject matters, Estomo said.

“For me, it was easy to earn a passing grade because Dr. John Galaska was really good,” Wikberg said. “He is creative when he teaches so for the first time I enjoyed taking math, before I was afraid of going to math class but at Antioch it was fun.”

The structure of this class is developed to apply to daily life more than Math 117. It focuses on:

  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Effective Communication
  • Global and Intercultural Awareness
  • Holistic Personal Development
  • Competence for Professional Pursuits
  • Praxis for Social Justice

“It’s a simple registration process. Go onto our website, there is a simple registration form to complete,” Estomo said.

When the form is completed it is processed and the student is informed when they can pay for the class. When the payment is received the student is enrolled.

Wikberg said she is happy that she took the class at Antioch instead of City College. She recommends the class to everyone, especially people who struggle with math and international students because of how cheap it is.

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