Harbor Heights apartments for sale, possible student housing

Hannah Smith, News Editor

The City College Foundation expressed interest in buying the newly listed Harbor Heights Manor apartments in hopes of unifying the campus.

The 97 unit complex is nestled between East and West campus on the corner or Loma Alta and Cliff Drive. Over the summer, the apartments went on the market with a price tag of $33,000,000.

During the August 22 Board of Trustees meeting, Craig Price, City College’s attorney, was appointed to handle the negotiations regarding buying the apartments.

“We use [Craig Price] as a middle man,” said Superintendent-President Dr. Lori Gaskin. “But everything has to go through the Foundation because they are the ones with the money.”

In 2012 The Foundation raised $3.9 million from donor contributions. These funds provide scholarships, buy equipment and fund any additional programs.

No plans have been officially discussed on what would be done if City College bought the apartments,.

“I think it would be really great to have this unified space between these two campuses,” said Kenley Neufeld, Academic Senate President. “It could be student housing, it could be facility housing; really the possibilities are endless.”

With the Foundation’s constant goal of bettering life at City College, turning the apartments into student housing is a big possibility.

“Many parents would rather send their kid to a college that has on-campus housing,” said Neufeld. “It’s more practical than living in [Isla Vista] and having to commute every day.

“Also, if the Foundation bought it, the money generated from rent would be going straight back into the college.”

City College would join the list of only 11 other community colleges in California that have student housing.

“We don’t know when any decisions will be made,” said Gaskin. “Like anytime someone buys a house it’s a long process … but the college is excited to see what will come of this.”