Bridge receives more Measure V funds

Jayne Bittner and Jayne Bittner

The campus bridge will receive more than half a million dollars for reconstruction to fix additional unforeseen damage, the Board of Trustees approved on Thursday.

Measure V will pay for the $502,145 that’s needed for the production and delivery of new bridge beams.

A date for the finished product is still unknown, but the additional work is estimated to add “significant time to the overall project contract,” according to a Change Order form dated Oct. 27 of this year.

“I would much rather have a bridge that costs a little bit more and that’s safe for the student body than have a bridge that’s just finished on time,” said Atty Garfinkel, the Associated Student Senate’s vice president of senate affairs.

She also said that students would not worry about the cost and time of construction if they understood how the Measure V money works.

“We have to use a specific amount by a specific date,” Garfinkel said. “And if we don’t, we lose the money.”

Garfinkel said fixing the problem now could avoid damage in the future.

“If we don’t get the bridge taken care of properly, then in a few more years we’ll just end up with wood-rot again,” she said.

Garfinkel also said student safety is more important than any costs the bridge could possibly elicit.

“Safety’s our first priority,” she said.