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Halloween party scene in Isla Vista has become overrated


November 6, 2015

People come out of the darkness, babbling and holding each other up. Sirens go off in the distance. There are screams and people lying in the street. Smoke comes out of apartment windows. I counted three women at least half naked. By...

Perception problem negatively impacts feminist movement

MEGAN RANDOLPH, Associate Editor

October 16, 2015

In a world of increasing exposure to information and different viewpoints, feminism has become a dirty word. People distance themselves from the term and discredit those who identify with it. Many are misinformed. “I was refraining from calling myself a feminist,” sa...

Letters to the Editor: Santa Barbara Zoo CEO responds to critical column

Richard Block

September 25, 2015

I read with interest the editorial of September 21 titled “Zoos provide inhumane conditions for animals.” Part of my job as CEO of the Santa Barbara Zoo is to talk with people about their perceptions and misperceptions about the work we do. There’s always room for a healt...

Those affected by mental illness deserve to have stigma erased

Hannah Mackenzie, Channels Staff

September 25, 2015

The United States as a society tends to treat physical and mental illnesses very differently, even though they are both just as real and just as serious. Many people are skeptical of psychological impairments and sometimes...

International students enrich SBCC campus with diversity


September 25, 2015

The extensive amount of international students at City College creates a diverse campus, however many community members directly link the students to the ongoing issue of overcrowding in Santa Barbara. When walking around the...

Housing demands continue to strangle City College students

KARMEN KODIA, Channels Staff

September 14, 2015

One of the biggest problems students face is finding housing when attending Santa Barbara City College. Many students struggle with the demand of rent prices. It would be perfect to live downtown by the beach and within a...

Victim-blaming is an ineffective approach to sexual assault


May 4, 2015

The discussion of sexual assault on college campuses is an aggressive topic in news and politics right now. According to the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention, “rape is the most violent crime committ...

Yes means yes: a new approach about sexual responsibility

MEGAN RANDOLPH, Channels Staff

May 1, 2015

In an attempt to engage both men and women in a discussion about sex crimes in college communities, City College has ramped up its efforts to make a meaningful impact on sexual assault. Aided by new legislation in Senate Bill...

Healthcare of migrant workers should be a higher priority


April 24, 2015

As I travel through life, certain things I had not considered before have become increasingly important to me. Reconnecting with my ancestral culture has hardly been a priority, until recently. As a person of color with mixed...

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