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‘Modern Family’ molded me as a child and still comforts me now

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Wednesday nights in the Budde household were great. I usually didn’t have volleyball or soccer practice late on those nights and, most importantly, we got to watch the new episode of “Modern Family.”  

The tale of three families living in the suburbs of Los Angeles easily became my favorite TV series of all time, along with so many others.

On the surface level, “Modern Family” is known for its humor, and the joy it brings to people’s TV screens. On a deeper level, it explores real-life issues that relate to families around the world. 

The show was ahead of its time and explored complex issues such as same-sex marriage, women’s health, family relationships and dynamics: issues that are usually left out of sitcoms. 

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It normalized problems we all face and can relate too as well as opened up conversations about hard topics. I remember in one episode, all of the women in the Dunphy household all had their time of the month at the same time…if you know what I mean. 

I had never seen a show talk about real life everyday struggles of a woman so openly, and it made me feel more comfortable in my body and more comfortable being a woman.

“Modern Family” is well-rounded and has something for everyone. 

One of the most intriguing parts of the show is its humor. There is not a single episode that fails to make me laugh. 

Despite its undeniable humor and comedic tone, “Modern Family” has many heart-warming moments that resonated with me and made me feel a part of the character’s lives.

The series shows characters growing and learning, showing moments where their arcs come full-circle.  

Jay, the patriarch and common denominator between the three families, is old school and stubborn. Throughout the series he struggles with his relationship with his gay son, Mitchell. By the end of the show he comes around and accepts his son for who he is, with love. 

The way “Modern Family” portrays LGBTQ relationships and characters was groundbreaking and had never really been seen before on mainstream media. As a kid, I think it was very beneficial to watch a same-sex couple live a very normal life. It taught me that people are people. 

This show has impacted my perspective on relationship dynamics and taught me that not every family is the same. But most importantly, this series has given me comfort in times when I most needed it.

Most days, especially hard or stressful ones, I like to turn on my computer and wind down while watching some “Modern Family.” It takes me back to snuggling up on my couch in my childhood home. 

The characters are so familiar to me that I feel as if I’m with my actual family. 

That is why this show is so important to me. It is my comfort.  

And just like that, those short 30 minute episodes would come to an end every Wednesday night, leaving me longing to watch another.

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