Taylor Swifts’ lyrics remind me ‘To Live For the Hope of it All’

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Courtesy image Taylor Swift’s album “Folklore”. “Folklore” is Swifts’ eighth studio album.

Natas Regalado, Staff Writer

Taylor Swift’s music has certainly enriched my life, but at this point, I am convinced it runs it.

I’m sure my fellow “Swifties” can relate, because without fail, she has a song for every occasion. It could be a moody day that’s pouring rain and I’ll play “Evermore,” or the skies could look like cotton candy and I’ll blast “Cruel Summer.” Either way, my mood is instantly lifted, because she exhibits joy in the most mundane circumstances that are easily taken for granted.

I remember being a little girl dancing around in my room with a hairbrush in my hand, screaming “I Knew You Were Trouble” at the top of my lungs, as if I had any idea what Swift was singing about. I would listen to her religiously, and then eventually the obsession faded away almost entirely. 

It was not until I listened to her “Folklore” album years later that I fell in love with her music all over again, and realized the many songs from her previously released albums that I had been missing out on. Folklore is my personal favorite, which I would recommend to anybody, because Swift takes a new approach to storytelling through catchy melodies and creative lyricism. Before that, I don’t remember a time I truly resonated with a song. Listening to her songs now, I feel connected to something. 

The thing I love most about Swift is how unfeigned and vulnerable she is through her music. Her lyrics put words to the feelings that I don’t have a title for, and phrases them in ways I would have never thought to use. I have always had a difficult time expressing my feelings, either from being too afraid or simply not knowing how to. It can be frustrating, because it tends to feel as though my voice is restrained, like a muffled cry. But listening to her music has made me more in tune with my emotions, anchored me to my life, and connected me with so many people- ostensibly 70,000 people on account of her sold out Eras Tour!

Although Swift has been coined for writing sad break up songs, her music is actually very versatile. She is always taking risks, and she speaks her truth. I find it fascinating how she always leaves her work open for interpretation. Not only does she sing about the pain of love and loss, but she also exemplifies the bliss of adolescents, the fear of growing up, the mysteries of roads untaken, and the treasure of genuine friendship. Her music inspires romanticism and realism, which has shown me how even the messiest and ugliest parts of life can still be beautiful. 

Many times, I’ve lost myself in the ambivalence of what my future would have in store for me. But I failed to find peace with where I already was, constantly missing what I once had, and wishing I appreciated it more when I still had it. Swift has taught me to “take the moment and taste it,” because “nothing lasts forever.” Her music reminds me that every low point matters as much as every high, for in the end, we will all become stories, and every one of those moments are what shapes you into the person you were meant to be.